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Water Softener Plant

What makes water hard & How water can be improved.

The most common basic water problems is Hardness of  water  is called Hard water and these are clasified as  two type of Hardness. 

1. Permenant Hardness and 2. Temporary Hardness.

The Temporary hardness and  permanent  hardness removed by the Softener Water Treatment Plant as follows.

Hard Water

Most of the earth’s water is groundwater. It travels through rock and soil picking up minerals, including calcium and magnesium along the way. These two contaminants produce is commonly known as “Hardness” in water. Hard water could be noticed easily on clogged pipes and appliances. Hard water mineral deposit can form in coffee makers and other plumbing equipment . A film layer could be seen on bathtubs or shower tiles due to hard water.  Hard water can cause hair to be dull and limps and dry skin. Water heating costs could increase as a result of hard water. The calcium and magnesium in hard water act as many soaps, and detergent to reduce their cleaning capabilities. These hardness increase the cost of washing and reduces the lite of clothes also.

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